Boiler Innovations Tube Ties        US Patent 7,487,745 B2

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks in the boiler industry today is installing and maintaining tube ties. With the constant movement and extreme conditions within the boiler itself, the tongue-and-groove tie methods in use today often fail and actually damage the tubes they hold together, causing additional time and money to be lost.

Why continue to watch your money go up in flames when Boiler Innovations has a better way?

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Boiler Innovations' patented Tube Ties are the simple, common sense solution to your boiler problem! 

          ~ Designed for quick and easy installation

​          ~ Constructed of quality 304 Stainless

          ~ Drop-in pin constructed  of proprietary 

              metal to withstand high temperatures     

          ~ Manufactured to your exact dimensions

          ~ Shop pre-assembly is possible on entire

              new tube sections, eliminating the need

              for  field welding in the boiler

          ~ Design prevents damage to the tube

             during expansion and contraction

          ~ Pin / tab combination allows​ for easy

              access to other tubes in bank

          ~ Mill certs supplied for each order

Time is money and Boiler Innovations saves you both!