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Boiler Innovations' patented Drum Plugs are the simple, common sense solution to your boiler problem! 

          ~ Designed for quick and easy installation
​          ~ Constructed of material that easily expands into                 place
          ~ Manufactured to your exact dimensions
​          ~ No welding necessary
          ~ OEM Expander provided with minimum order or               can be rented weekly
          ~ NO FAILURES to date
          ~ Mill certs supplied for each order

Time is money and Boiler Innovations saves you both!


Boiler Innovations Drum Plugs        US Patent 7,757, 642 B2

Plugging a hole in a drum where a damaged tube has been removed is standard practice in boiler maintenance. But the "tapered pin" and "sleeve and weld plate" methods commonly used today typically require 5 different skilled workers, including certified welders and inspectors, working a minimum of 5 man-hours each on just one installation and still results in a recurring industry failure rate in excess of 10%. 

Why continue to watch your money go up in flames when Boiler Innovations has a better way?

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