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Boiler Innovations' Tube Plugs US Patent 7,757,642 B2

A standard practice in boiler maintenance is temporarily plugging the end of a damaged tube, until the tube itself can be replaced at a designated time. The current 'tapered pin' and 'sleeve and weld plate' methods in use throughout the industry today require operators to have skilled fitters, certified welders, welding inspectors and various certifications, boiler tracking, and specialty equipment to install the plug. The process typically requires five different skill sets working up to five man-hours each to complete just one installation. This type of plug repair has a recurring industry failure rate in excess of 10% and frequently causes damage to the tube sheet itself which in turn requires a longer delay and additional repairs before a new tube can be installed. Why continue to watch your money go up in flames when there is a better way?

The solution is simple: BI's Tube Plugs. Our plugs are a patented, cost-effective, time-saving method for plugging damaged tubes in virtually every type of boiler. The installation process is simple enough for anyone to learn, yet more effective than any method in use to date. Our plugs eliminate the need for special skilled labor and equipment, welding inspections, and NDE's. Anyone can learn to install our plugs in a surprisingly short period of time, then install them in even less. The only tools necessary are an OEM expander (free with a minimum order), a clamping device, and an air hose. Installation is simple: Remove the existing tube stub, clean the tube sheet, then insert the expander into the Tube Plug. Insert the Tube Plug into the tube, secure the plug to prevent it from rotating, and with a few quick revolutions of the expander, the process is complete. This shorter installation process means reduced downtime and less exposure to the heat, which translates into considerable savings in both cost and labor. Future maintenance related to these plugs is also drastically reduced. More than four years after installation, Boiler Innovations' Tube Plugs are still failure-free!

Boiler Innovations' Tube Plug

  • Designed for quick and easy installation
  • No failures to date
  • Constructed of SA 675 grade 55 material
  • Manufactured to your exact specifications based on tube dimensions and boiler type
  • OEM Expander provided with minimum order

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